K    Karate-Do's
U    Universal
S    System of
H    Human
I    Individual
D    Development &
O    Order

The ancient martial art of KARATE-DO. The way of the empty hand. A study of practical self defence:


Durban, School:
Contact Mauro Sensei - 208 5686(031) or 083 533 9442
Classes are held at the Girl Guide Hall, 180 North Ridge Road, Morningside Durban

Email: maurokushido@samartialarts.co.za

Website: http://www.kushido.co.za

Class Info:

Classes take place from Mondays to Thursdays.

Monday: 17:15 to 18:00 Pre-Kushido (5yrs to 8yrs)
18:00 to 19:00 Juniors (9yrs to 12yrs)
19:00 to 20:15 Adults All Grades (13yrs and older)

Tuesdays: 18:15 to 19:00 Pre-Kushido Beginners
19:00 to 20:15 Adults Senior Level

Wednesdays: 19:00 to 20:15 Adults All Grades

Thursdays: 17:15 to 18:00 Pre-Kushido
18:00 to 19:00 Juniors
19:00 to 20:15 Adults Senior Level

KUSHIDO school of Martial Arts was established in South Africa in 1963. The name KUSHIDO is an acronym, basically made up of the first letters of : Karate-Doís Universal System of Human Individual Development and Order. The KUSHIDO school teaches the arts of Karate-Do, Kobudo (traditional Okinawan weapons) and Tíai Chi Chíuan.

KUSHIDO is the ideal physical activity, systematically developing your potential to the fullest. It combines physical education with mental training, contributing to a balanced, well adjusted personality.
As with most traditional Martial Arts KUSHIDO contains three major elements: Kihon (basics), Kata(forms) and Shiai/Randori(Sparring/partner work).
Through Kihon training the student learns to perform the techniques(the basic tools) of the school, to integrate and combine them. The studentís body becomes an efficient, sophisticated and powerful weapon.

Kata practice is the practice of a variety of pre-defined combat strategies and principles through which disciplined perfection, mobility and the improvement of our ability/capacity to focus mental and physical power, is learnt.
Shiai/Randori is the implementation of both the Kihon and Kata training ñ expressing the creativity and advanced ability of the Martial Artist.

Kumite/Shiai training is the real, true analysis of the Budokaís knowledge, its materialization and understanding.

This aspect of the Martial Arts is probably uppermost in most peopleís minds. Rightly so. In our violent and turbulent times, knowledge of physical self defence is becoming a necessity. KUSHIDO will teach you methods of self protection that could save your life. With this learning comes a sense of personal security and confidence, allowing you to feel more free and relaxed with yourself. All our classes in the Dojo(training hall) are geared towards this physical aspect of training.
Physical Benefits

In practising KUSHIDO you will experience the full natural range of possible body movements, resulting in a high level of flexibility and agility. The only restrictions are those placed by your-self. Emphasis is placed on correct breathing and posture, essential for general well being. Co-ordination and balance are developed in a systematic way as you progress through your training, leading to greater physical dexterity. Age and build are not inhibiting factors in your development. As a child learns to walk, so you will be taken through the step-by-step learning process.

Mental Benefits
At first these are not obvious, but through constant training KUSHIDO will help you develop your concentration, perseverance and self discipline, enabling you to cope better in todayís world. You will realise your own self worth and this will reflect in your day-to-day activity and inter-relationships.

KOBUDO (Okinawan Weapons)
KUSHIDO also teaches students how to use traditional okinawan weapons. The weapons taught in the KUSHIDO school of Martial Arts are the Bo (long stave), Nunchaku (corn thresher), Tonfa (rice grinder handle), Kama (sickle) and the Sai (Okinawan short sword).
The practise of these ìweaponsî form an integral part of training in KUSHIDO because of their highly effective and practical nature as well as their close relationship to KUSHIDO techniques.
KUSHIDO has always maintained that the practice of these weapons is not a ìcircus actî and should be taught only to more senior ranking and responsible students. It is a policy that students must first have an idea of what the reach of his/her own body is before he/she can learn how to make a further extension of the mind by adding a weapon to it. The practice of KUSHIDO gives on a good basis for Kobudo techniques. To become effective with these weapons requires, as does everything, a lot of hard, diligent and disciplined training under a good, highly trained teacher.


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