Ming Kung Fu KZN
School of Chinese Shadow Boxing Kung Fu
Wudang Kungfu
Warrior Style Taiji (Tai Chi)

Chinese Shadow Boxing is a journey starting from the Traditional Yang Family Slow style moving into the Chen Style then finishing with the Wudang Style.

We train in three classes Dragon Class (Standard general all round), Tiger Class (Fighting Class) & Crane Class (Mental Development), Only the Dragon Class is compulsory. Our school teaches a comprehensive and complete Internal Martial Art based on the Wudang Daoist Martial Art.

The student starts with Slow Yang Taiji then moves gradually into the Fast Wudang Sets. Even though we teach as the traditional Wudang, in a group class, we will push those who pactice more, those who listen more, those who are more disciplined and those who WANT more. The more the student mentaly and physically wants to grow the more we push and help that student. This, we have found, is a better method as some students like the slow and timeous journey, yet others want to work hard and achieve more and more. Our classes cater for both groups of students. Our Journey Starts with PURE Taiji (TaiChi) then moves into the Fist Sets of Wudang. Because the Wudang fist sets are Internal Martial Art the concepts of both the Taiji and the Fist Sets are the same.

Durban, Group Lessons: Contact:
Robert Laoshi,
C Grade Taiji National Judge (Qualified 2006)
B Grade Taiji National Judge (Qualified 2009)
South African Kungfu Championships, National Judge (2006)
South African Kungfu Championships, National Judge (2008)
South African Kungfu Championships, National Judge (2009)
South African Kungfu Championships, National Senior Judge (2010)

Email: robertkungfu@samartialarts.co.za

Website: www.ming.co.za

Ming Kung fu KZN and its instructors are registered members of two Associations, one of them being the SAWF South African Wushu Federation (Chinese Martial Arts), which means our school and instructors comply with their rules and regulations.

Dragon Class

90 Minutes per class

30 Minutes
Practice Form Work
Learn new Form

2 minute Break

30 Minutes
Push Hands ( Tui Sau )
Sticky Hands ( Chee Sau )
Fighting Drills from Yilu
Silk Reeling Exercises
Fajin ( Power Issuing ) Exercises
Shadow Boxing & Cannon Fist Sparring

30 Minutes
Weapon Form

FIVE different Classes are Taught:

Dragon Class:
Syllabus Grades, All-rounder Class, Compulsory
Forms & Partner Work
Weapon: Jian (Long Sword)

Tiger Class:
Fighting & Combat
Chinese Shadowboxing Cannon Fist
Partner Work Only
Weapon: Dao (Broad Sword)

Full Contact Class:
San Shou Full Contact Chinese KickBoxing

Competition Training Class:
Routines & Fighting at SA Championships annually

Private Class:
ONE-on-ONE or Small groups (1,2,3 or 4 people)



Dragon Class:

- Yang Family Taiji Fist
- Chen Family Taiji Fist
- Wudang Temple Taiji Fist
- Cannon Fist
- Wudang Basic Fist
- Wudang Mysterious Fist
- Wudang Taming Tiger Fist
- Wudang Dragon Fist

- Push Hands & Feet "Tui Shou"
- Free Sparring (Light Power)
- Locks & Holds "Qin Na"
- Chinese Wrestling "Shuai Jiao"

- Chinese Long Sword "Jian"
- Chinese Broad Sword "Dao"

- Power Issue training (Spiral/Explosive)
- Speed Training
- Silk Reeling Power

Tiger Class:

- Free Sparring (Medium Power)
- Full Contact Techniques
- Chinese Wrestling
- Chinese Leg Techniques
- Locks & Holds "Qin Na"

- QiGongs (eg Iron Shirt)

- Power Issue training (Spiral/Explosive)

- Speed Training
- Silk Reeling Power

Crane Class:

- Meditation, Taiji Style
- Qigong
- Taiji Theory & History

Optional Specialisations:

- Range of Chinese Weapons
- Intermediate & Advanced Chinese Wrestling
- Wudang Fists Sets
- Competitive Wushu


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